• Being Human | Work in Progress

    I have been cleaning out old paper files (paper?) and I ran across these hand-outs from a retreat I attended some years ago. Though the pages have yellowed and become brittle, the wisdom is still fresh. Rules for Being Human You will receive a body. You may like it or hate it, but it will be …

  • We Have Babies | The Herons Have Hatched!

      We have about 13 nests in our trees in front of our nest. That’s 26 adults living in the branches. There are at least 2 chicks per nest; I saw three in some. That is at the least, another 26 birds. We have over 50 Herons in our front yard!   We can’t wait …

  • Useful Dog Tricks

    Jesse is an amazingly useful and intelligent Jack Russell Terrier, who loves helping around the house.

  • Yellow Crowned Night Heron babies are growing up

    The Yellow Crowned Night Herons who made nests in our trees have hatched their babies. The off-spring are well on their way to leaving the nest!