We Have Babies | The Herons Have Hatched!


Egg shells are on the ground but the chicks are in the nests

We have about 13 nests in our trees in front of our nest. That’s 26 adults living in the branches. There are at least 2 chicks per nest; I saw three in some. That is at the least, another 26 birds.

We have over 50 Herons in our front yard!


The Chicks are getting big

We can’t wait until next year!

Thank Dog Galveston is replanting the tree population lost to Hurricane Ike. Maybe we can spread the love.

Even though they make a mess, and I mean a big mess, it is nice to have them around (just not so many, please). I enjoy hearing their barks and squawks and the noises that the chicks make. Soon they will be leaving the next and we will watch them ‘practice’ fishing in our swimming pool. Silly birds will stand there for hours looking into the water. Fortunately we bought a new pressure washer this year so it will be easy to clean up after them.

I will post more pics when they come down out of the trees. They are really quite funny to watch!


Yellow Crowned Herons rule the roost around here

The Very Regal Yellow Crowned Heron and its Chicks

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