Shape the Future

I am not one who looks too far into the future…

This may or may not have to do with my age, however, I LOOK BACK and see that I have never been too concerned about time beyond maybe six months at any given moment.

It is the immediate NOW that delights me most.

And infuriates me most.

The nice thing about NOW: it is usually followed by another NOW.

what infuriates me in the past has room to delight me in the NOW.

These moments are all we have in the end. Even in the NOW our memories are of moments. The time in-between remembered moments are forgotten. Are we sure they ever existed.

I have memories of moments from early childhood but I don’t know for sure that I existed in between those moments. Intellectually (?) and collectively I know that I did exist however, I have no memory that I did. The NOWs in-between those moments are forgotten.

Which leaves me with what is NOW.


I purchased the emblem shown above as a reminder that in order to shape the future, one must shape the NOW.

Countless little decisions we make on a daily basis, where our thoughts go on the inevitable ride down a rabbit hole, a choice of words, the choice of doing or not doing, choices, choices, choices –  Made in the NOW shaping the future.

Were I one to make resolutions this would be it: LIVE IN THE NOW.

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